To apply please submit by March 20th:

Three examples of your work  (digital copies or photos, NO originals, these will not be returned)
Completed Application
Concept Art for Mural (these will not be returned)

Digital Submissionsmay be sent to 

Submissions can also be mailed to: Kansas Operation Lifesaver, 800 SW Jackson St, Suite 808, Topeka, KS 66612

Questions can be directed to Jessica Mays @

Kansas Operation Lifesaver, Inc (KS OL) is a railroad safety education not-for profit.  Dirty Girl Adventures Compass Point is about life’s adventure and embracing it.  We need a mural that delivers both messages.  Please research both organizations,, &

This is a commissioned piece if selected you will be paid  Download Application and Call Details

Only one artist concept will be selected 

Mural concept must have:

  • A Rail Safety Message!

  • A generic train

  • A sense of place

  • Take into consideration doors and windows

  •  A nature theme is Highly Encouraged 

  • Color: Colorful is encouraged but not required

For more information please see application & call for art

Mural Location: 800 N Kansas Avenue (south side of building)