What is an OLAV?

Reviewed credential stamp

State Coordinators

What is involved?

Authorized Volunteers facilitate presentations to groups of all kinds:

- New drivers in a driver education course 

- Schoolchildren in their classrooms

- Professional Truck Drivers

- School Bus Drivers

- Civic groups

- Law Enforcement, Fire, & Rescue


Mitch Sothers

Kansas Department of Transportation

Board of Directors

Ross Boeling


Aaron Mays​

State Coordinator & Volunteer

Jessica Mays

Assistant State Coordinator & Volunteer

Chadd Thimesch

Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad

Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer

Did you know that every three hours in the US, someone is hit by a train? More than 95% of railroad fatalities involve the public, either with a person in a vehicle or trespassing on railroad tracks.Help us to end rail-related casualties for good.

Lt. Tony Stewart

Kansas Highway Patrol

Matt Vogt, Board President

Kansas Peace Officers' Association

Norbert Angell, Secretary


Law enforcement officers stand in front of a K & O train bearing Wichita State University logo

Kansas Operation Lifesaver is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization. For our mission to be successful, we rely on not only volunteers to spread the lifesaving message, but also on financial contributions from Railroad companies, government agencies, in-kind contributors, and private donors. 

Contact Kansas Operation Lifesaver today to make your tax-deductible contribution.


Adrian Hertog, Treasurer

BNSF Railway Proxy

Mike Foster, Vice President

Member at-Large